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This community is for anyone interested in moving to Scribblit when the project is live, anyone who wants to help in some way but missed the beta testing or anyone who just wants to make suggestions.

Please feel free to pimp the community out! All announcements will remain in twocorpses but I set this up in the hopes that more people will interact and help in the process of getting the site up and running!

All I ask is that you follow a few simple rules:

1) No flaming/drama - I know that sometimes it can be hard to avoid but let's do our best okay?
2) This is a Scribblit-positive community and as such if you have no interest in the project/think it's going to fail miserably/hope it DOES fail miserably then please don't bother sticking around.
3) Constructive criticism is always welcome but please do it in a tactful way.
4) Respect the other members of the community - this ties in with 1)
5) Understand that I will read all the posts and suggestions but I can't promise to implement everything!
6) Have fun!